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Sky Dive South Sask upgraded there Cessna 206 Jump Plane with an IO-550 Continental Engine.  This video is a time-lapse of that Job.


The staff at Provincial had some fun with a miniature Go-Pro camera this last summer. Have a look at the video created by Denver Craig and James Pottage.

The way to achieve an effective fungicide application.

For many years it was assumed that aerial spraying cost more than ground applications. That may have been true when the industry was in its infancy and ground spraying equipment was less sophisticated and, therefore, cost less. But, times have changed and research shows old assumptions may not be valid and the advancement of spray technology and production styles have made the ground versus aerial debate more about what method is most suitable for each farm.

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Located at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport, Provincial Airways offers a full aircraft service center. We can provide parts, maintenance, fuel and aerial application services.