Benefits and Technology

Aerial Application


The benefits of aerial application include:

  • quick and timely application
  • no yield loss due to wheel tracks
  • no direct contact prevents spreading of disease
  • no soil compaction
  • we're not affected by wet soil conditions

Our pilots are highly trained professionals with commercial pilot's licenses and pesticide applicator licenses.  Our main bases are located in Moose Jaw and Rosetown and we have alternate sites including Unity, Kyle, Biggar, Davidson, Pense, Balcarres, Lumsden and Riceton.  With the largest fleet in the province and the equipment to get to you quickly, we really service the areas we say we do.

flight-pathOur pricing is competitive with industry standards and we strive to provide our customers with the best possible service.


There are new advancements in aerial application every day.

Our entire fleet is equipped with GPS for in field navigation accurate to less than a foot.

Our aircraft are also equipped with flow control systems that factor in ground speed for application rate. So no matter what the aircraft speed, wind speed, or direction of travel is, the application rate is accurate to 0.1 gallons per acre.drop-size

We are continuously verifying the quality of our spray patterns by participating in spray calibration clinics. Industry expects analyze our patterns and make recommendations for improvement if needed. We measure swath width, deposition, and droplet size. As seen on the cards more water and larger droplets don't necessarily mean better coverage. 

Provincial Airways is headquartered at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport in Saskatchewan. We also operate out of Rosetown and Davidson, SK.

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