We provide aerial inspection, photography, and other survey work.  Using RoboFlight technology, we can cover thousands of acres per day.  Images are processed soon after and allow you to turn images into actionable information.  It's a great tool to help you better manage your land.

RoboFlight View


Color-Infrared Orthomosaic

An image created using the near-infrared range of the light spectrum not visible to the human eye.  Healthy vegetation appears bright red.  This normally undetected information can be used to detect plant distress and estimate biomass (yields).

Color Infrared Orthomosaic


Normalized Difference Vegetation index (NDVI) Orthomosaic

By calculating the near-infrared light reflected by the plant, a colorized vegetation map can be created to show healthy and less helathy areas.  This has numerous management applications, particularly in precision agriculture.

Normalized Diff Veg Index


Relative Stress Map (NDVI Report)

  • A consumable field report used to identify areas of distress
  • Convenient for quantifying crop damage acreage totals
  • Shows changes in crop stress over the growing season
  • Valuable statistics for research purposes

Relative Stress Map


Provincial Airways is headquartered at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport in Saskatchewan. We also operate out of Rosetown and Davidson, SK.

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