Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane Category

Training / Materials Duration Total Cost
Ground School 40 hours (online course) $275.00
Ground School Materials   $300.00
Ground Briefing 10 Hours @ $60/hr $600.00
Dual Flight Instruction 33 Hours @ $235/hr $7755.00
Solo Flight Instruction 12 hours @ $175/hr $2100.00
Written Exam, Flight Test, Licensing, Medical   TBD, Approx $500.00
Total MINIMUM Cost (Taxes not incl.)   $11530.00


- Fly for fun/recreation!

- Fly all types of Canadian registered aircraft anywhere in the world.

- No limits on the number of passengers.

- A PPL can have endorsements added to it, ie: Night, Multi, and IFR Ratings.


- 17 years of age

- Class 3 medical obtained from a Canadian aviation medical examiner.

Course requirements

- A minimum of 45 hours of flight training including:

- 17 hours of dual including 5 hours of instrument training, 3 hours cross country

- 12 hours of solo including 5 hours of cross country

- A minimum of 40 hours of ground school including instruction in Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General knowledge.

- Ground school completed online.

- A Transport Canada Written and Flight test are also required



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