Single-Engine Instrument Rating

Training / Materials Duration Total Cost
Dual Instrument min. 15 hours* @ $235/hr $3525
Written Exam, Flight Test, Licensing   TBD approx. $500
Total MINIMUM Cost (Taxes not incl.)   $4025.00

*Hours required is dependent on which licence held and current student instrument time.


- To fly during instrument conditions in a single engine aircraft.


- Must hold a private pilot licence

- Must have 50 hours of cross country time


- 40 hours of instrument time (instrument time previously logged on the PPL, night rating, or CPL can be credited towards this minimum time). Maximum 20 hours can be on a simulator.

- A dual cross country of 100 nautical miles under simulated of actual IFR conditions must be completed.

- Transport Canada written exam and flight test required.

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