VFR Over the Top Rating

Training / Materials Duration Total Cost
Instrument (in addition to 5 hr requirement on the Private Licence & Night Rating) 5 hours @ $235/hr $1175


- To fly with visual reference to a layer of cloud instead of the earth’s surface. This type of VFR flying requires advanced training in instrument flying and radio navigation skills.


- Must hold a private pilot licence

- A pilot who holds a commercial licence of instrument rating automatically receives VFR OTT privileges.


- A minimum of 15 hours of instrument training. Instrument hours form the Private pilot licence and Night Rating may be included. 5 hours can be done on the simulator.

- Ground training consists of a knowledge and understanding of all pertinent air regulations, airspace, weather, instrument flying techniques, and the use of radio aids. ADF, VOR, and GPS will be covered.

- Although there is no practical or written test, candidates must meet the skill requirements.

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